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The home is where happiness flourishes, and family bonds thrive. It is essential to ensure that the house layout follows Vastu principles, as direction plays a significant role in the well-being and harmony of the household. For assistance creating a space filled with joy, prosperity, and good health, consider contacting the top Vastu Consultant in Kolkata.


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A wide range of areas fall within the scope of Vastu home plans, including bedrooms, kitchens, pooja rooms, flats, offices, and factories. So let’s explore some essential tips based on the principles of Indian Vastu Shastra Consultancy:


The Main Door Should Face East Or North, As It Is The First Point Of Entry For Both Positive And Negative Energy Into The House

According to Vastu principles, choosing a north-facing house is beneficial as it is associated with the lord of wealth. Yuma governs the direction, believed to bring health and prosperity. Similarly, south-facing homes are said to attract capital through specific Vastu house designs, while west-facing homes are considered to bring success and good luck. Meanwhile, according to Vastu Shastra, east-facing houses may have positive and negative effects, but they remain popular among many people.


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For reliable Vastu advice for your home, seek the expert services of Astrologer Somasree in India. As the leading and highly reputable Vastu Shastra specialist, our team possesses extensive knowledge and expertise to offer accurate guidance. Trust us to provide excellent Vastu recommendations for a harmonious home and family.

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