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Best Vastu Consultant And Famous Astrologer in kolkata

Mrs. Somasree, an A B.A., M.T.A and professionally AN INDIAN SCIENTIFIC ASTROLOGER(JYOTISH SURYA M.T.A KOLKATA, GOLDEN CROWN AWARDED) is one of the top astrologer and palmist in Kolkata.  Mrs.. Somasree is also an expert in instant astrology (hoorary) and numerology to let us know our future without any birth details (date-time-place) and finally predict what is right or wrong for us and what should we do to overcome the wrong. She is an expert in astrology, numerology, and marriage matching and vastutantra. She is also an excellent counsellor for children.  She is an expert in the indian krishnamurty paddhati(k.p) astrology  which are the effective and specific methods to predict anyone's future. Being an astrological researcher she is also currently researching the more specific ways to predict the future and pin point the true prediction and was also successful in predicting almost the future truly.


KP astrology in which she excels is basically the study of Stellar Astrology in which we study Nakshatras or Stars and based on these parameters, predict an event in one's life. She can be proclaimed as the best KP astrologer in Kolkata. In order to know your future through this method, one needs to his specific date, time and place of birth. This will help her predict his future and see his past and help him accordingly. She, being one of the most accurate astrologers in the city of joy, still yearns to achieve perfection by researching more and more about pin pointing the true prediction and succeeding it like a pro!


She, a famous astrologist and numerologist in Kolkata can predict your future even without the knowledge of your specific date, time of one’s birth. She sits in the centres of Durgapur, Chandanagar and Krishnanagar. Also a motivator, she will let you know and help to solve your problems in life , be it for your career, for your family's welfare and predicting the probabilities of any upcoming troubles in your life as well as upcoming achivements. Follow her guidance as a remedy and you will find happiness in life.

Mrs Somasree is one of the most reputed professional vastu consultant and tantrik in Kolkata, India. She has been practising vastu for quite long and has mastered the art. She had developed her love towards this mystic world of vastu and astrology when she was just a student. Her passion towards this field is the reason she pursued this science of astrology as her career. She is quite renowned in this field and has contributed a lot to this field.


She visits “Kamakhya” and “Tarapith” every year with her profound team of astrologers for performing one of the best rituals that is “Tantra Kriya”, so that she can come up with solutions to some of the most difficult problems which are impossible to solve. She believes that during two famous times of the year “Ambubachi” Yog in Kamakhya and “Kaushiki Amavasya” in Tarapith, the gateway between the heaven and the underworld opens and the powers of the god can be felt at its most. During this time every year many devotees come here from all over India to seek blessing from God and take a bath in holy water.  


Her main domains of research are Krishnamurthy paddhati astrology and sonatani astrology. These specific methods are very effective for predicting one’s future possibilities. She also has expertise in instant astrology (hoorary) and numerology. She has expertised the art of letting you know your future without your birth details and give you the final solution. Since she is an expert in numerology she can predict the name that should be given to your child, your business or your house. She will be able to predict your welfare and success without any difficulties. She is a versatile and multi talented expert. She provides the ultimate and authentic solutions for homes, offices, retailers and corporate so that her clients can achieve prosperity. Her vastu prediction  skills have benefited numerous people in Kolkata.      


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76 / 69, Diamond Harbor Road, Behala, Chowrasta, Kolkata – 700008. (Landmark – Behala Chowrasta, Beside Kotak Mahindra Bank Building)…Timings – 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.(Every Tuesday) , 5:00-9:00 p.m.(Every Sun Day).