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Horary Astrology Service In Kolkata – Astrologer Somasree

To call a person, we use his or her name. The name gives us individuality as well as identity among the mass. From birth to death, it is your name that stays with you always, makes you known, helps you create your impression among others, and differs you from the rest of the world as well as connects you with the whole world. The name has a great influence on our lives in various aspects without our noticing. Your name has a certain vibration and it gets created by the alphabets in your name. You, I, and everyone have to abide by the vibration; which is called namology or name numerology.

Astrologer Mrs Somasree , a very well-known and the Horary Astrology Service In Kolkata, has guided hundreds of thousands of clients to reveal hidden factors of their names with in-depth namological reports to date. As said by name numerologist Mrs Somasree , “Your name is not only your identity but also a key that helps you unlock your hidden talent and solve riddles of your life that are kept knotted to date”. Want to name what your name tells about you, meet Astrologer Mrs Somasree – the best Horary consultant in India.

Introduction to Horary Astrology: What Is It and How to Use It

Horary astrology is an ancient branch of horoscopic astrology in which an astrologer attempts to answer a question by constructing a horoscope for the exact time at which the question was received and understood by the astrologer.

Horary Astrology: A new practical approach

 Horary is the branch of astrology that answers people’s questions – which can be anything from “ Will I win the election to “ Will my son get married this year to “Where did I put my diamond ring ’ and a thousand other questions. If the question asks when, where and whether, it is a candidate for horary. The more elusive why is difficult, but in some cases horary chart describes background conditions as well.

Horary Consultant in Kolkata

If your birth date, time and place are not confirmed, and if you are not able for hand analysis, then we can quiet your curiosity by horary astrology. Using mobile, phone, email or by meeting directly you can get the solution of following questions or any other questions. For example some questions are given below:

  • Is my birth time is correct?
  • How much old I am?
  • How much money I will have?
  • Will I get transferred?
  • Will the discussion successful?
  • Will I get the contract?
  • When I will have house and vehicle?
  • When my son will build house?
  • When my house or vehicle will be sold?
  • Purchasing shares are beneficial or not?
  • Which company’s share should I purchase?
  • Will I get the property from my father?
  • Will the purchasing of form house is right for me?
  • Will I get the admission in school or college?
  • Farming is right or not?
  • When I will purchase any plot/field?
  • When I will sell field/plot?
  • Will this year be good farming?
  • Will I get the post graduate education?
  • In which college I should take admission?
  • Will I get scholarship?
  • Will I go to foreign for studies?
  • When I will get child?
  • Will my abortion is there?
  • Is there boy or girl in womb?
  • When I will become hero or ?
  • Will my children care for me in my old age?
  • Will my wife give birth to twins?
  • Will I do love marriage?
  • When I will get job?
  • Will I do job or business?
  • Will I get a good servant?
  • When my illness will cure?
  • Will I met with an accident and when?
  • Will Operation be successful or not?
  • When will I relive from hospital?
  • Giving credit is right or not?
  • When will I get back my credit amount?
  • When will I complete my loan?
  • Will I win the election?
  • When will I get success in competition exams?
  • Will I be successful in appeal?
  • Will I win court case or not?
  • Will I change advocate?
  • Will I get married?
  • Will my wife do job?
  • How well my married life will be?
  • Will marriage break?
  • When will the second marriage possible?
  • Will I get married with whom I love?
  • Partnership should be done or not?
  • Doing business is right or wrong?
  • Both business and job can be done simultaneously or not?
  • Can I do murder?
  • Will I get murdered?
  • Will I go to jail?
  • Will I be awarded?
  • When pilgrimage possible?
  • Will the Sidhdhi or Mantra received?
  • Will I become sant?
  • Will my job left?
  • Will I be suspended?
  • Will I be taken in job again?
  • Promotion is there or not?
  • When will I regular?
  • Will I go in deputation?
  • Will I leave current job?
  • Is there any change in my business?
  • Transfer is possible or not?
  • Will I become minister or chairperson?
  • Will I become a good politician?
  • Will I become popular or not?
  • Will I do foreign trip?
  • Will I get government job?
  • Will my officers are in my favour or not?
  • Will I join army?


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